A Balance

Did we bear in this world as a blank state canvas ready to be painted with anything we want? Or we were born with a pre-set destiny drawn by God, and our job is to follow it.

Did Pablo Picasso know that someday he’d become a great painter? Did Steven Pressfield know that he was set to be a great writer? How about us?

Are we blank or patterned?

If we are a blank canvas, we can choose or decide whatever we wanted to be. If we put the hard work and commitment pursuing what we aspire, we’ll arrive at our destinations. That’s success.

If we are a patterned canvas, we cannot choose or decide, but we only need to follow our heart and do whatever feels right. With patience, we’ll finally end up where we wanted to be. Which also a success.

Are we blank or patterned?

I believe it’s both. It’s not either one. It’s a balance. Always a balance.

And it’s our purpose in life to balance the two.

Some parts have been patterned by God, while some parts have to be decided and pursued.

I like writing, but not until recently I started it. How did I find out about this pattern? I follow my heart. It just feels right expressing myself by putting it into words. But without action and deciding to commit to it, I’d become nothing.

It’s a long process battling with myself. I know I want to do this, but I never start. And it’s a relieved when you finally found it and start it.

If you think you haven’t found it, well, I don’t think I found it until I’m writing this. Just do whatever feels right, don’t limit yourself. Let the magic comes to you.

It just came to me.

I love doing this!

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