Let me try to analyse this feeling of stuck.

I’m going to take writing as an example. I do know, and it’s normal that sometimes people get stuck. And this applies to other professions, not just a writer.

What are we going to do when that stuck moment comes?

We Proceed.

Whatever our professions are, we’re fighting with our nemesis that is ourselves. What we do when we are confronting our greatest enemy? We don’t back down.

Sit. Stay. Work Harder. Until we beat him.

When do we beat him? We all know when. Each one of us knows when. You know when.

And before that, sustain, stay for whatever reasons, use all type of motivations etcetera. Just hold.

You know what? One simple advice I could share when we are battling with ourselves is to be tougher. Just be. Don’t think about it. Just be.

Continue. Proceed. Be tougher.

And when we win this battle, the world doesn’t stop to celebrate with us. Nothing significant will happen. And guess what? This enemy will come back and haunt us. And swallow this, he will haunt us FOREVER.

So, win all of your fights like a champ.

I just did. I won today’s battle. I was stuck earlier.

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