Beyond Love

How can he be so great?

How can a band create such an inspiring and excellent album? How did they make it? Are they different creatures?

It’s not just a passion. It’s something beyond love.

Love could be first, or it could be last, or it could be anywhere in between. What drives that success? It’s something beyond just love.

What is it?

It is sticking to his dreams every day every minute. Basically at all time. The word “sticking” means discipline, it means never give up, and it means choosing what’s important. But the point is we have to stick with it. Now and forever.

I am going to be a writer. That’s a dream. I wish it come true, so I’m keeping that dream.

I stick to it.

You’ll just need that sticktoitiveness. That’s all you need.

Money? Knowledge? Research? Pride? Marketing? All of these will come automatically. Just wait.

They’ll come after we stick to pursuing our dreams.

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