Immediate Illusion

This one was on the back of my mind lately.

Who doesn’t love a better future?

Let’s say I have a new job in two weeks. What I do next? I think about my future self, I imagine now about what I would do two weeks later, how I would change, how people should perceive me and so on. Is it just me?

We travel into the future.

We make promises to ourselves that things would change for the better. We promise to be more productive, to ask more questions, and more.

That’s a trap of an illusion.

Why is it a trap on an illusion?

Because it feels good to imagine a better future, and most of us stuck right there.

Dreaming of a great future is important, but we need to go back to the present right after it. Because the work is now, the struggle is now; your life is now.

So whatever dreams we have for our future, be that save money, healthier, smarter and all of it, do something about it now. Always find something to do now that reflects your projected illusion.

Find immediate-illusion.

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