One for many

I found a fascinating principle from a conversation between Tim Ferris and Josh Waitzkin, look them up!

It goes by “How we do anything is how we do everything.”

So, how you do anything? How do you approach your work? Family? Hobby? Love?

Mostly similar right? If you’re not serious about your work, are you serious with your partner?

If you don’t pay attention to detail when washing dishes, do you pay attention to detail at work?

Now, look at yourself. How you do anything?

Then commit to change or improve one thing only. Improve the way you wash the dishes or improve how you approach your work, just choose one thing. Any one thing.

Because when we improve that one thing, we improve other aspects too. As simple as that. When we are diligently hitting the gym, we diligently approach other important things too.

The best thing about this is that it becomes apparent that we don’t need to worry to change a lot of elements in our life. Life is so magical that we get only to change one important aspect and it will take care of itself.

That idea is very powerful. That’s another miracle of life.

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