Not just a thank you

If there is one secret to all the great things in life, is by saying: thank you.


When we say thank you, a genuine one, we appreciate life. When we appreciate life, we feel good, and when we feel good, we are in sync with the Divine Power.

And we must connect to the Divine Power.


It’s the source of life.

Within nine months, when we were inside our mother’s belly. Did we do anything to get our eyes? Ears? Shoulders? Hands? Feet? Nothing.

We waited there, and the Divine Power gave us everything. Everything so we could use it to make our lives great. To create what we imagine. To pursue our dreams. To be happy.

Look around you.

Look at its details. Imagine what human can make. That magnificent building, that well-crafted chair, that futuristic phones. Then imagine the great creator. The one who creates human and nature. The source of all creations.

I believe there is something bigger than us that leads us, that gave us everything even we did nothing. It’s always with us, giving us signs to follow, to have a great life.

How can we connect to that?

Treat yourself as a precious object. Love yourself. Make sure you’re real. Give only sincere smiles. Share only real laughs. Make peace with the now. Feel good.

If there is one surest and fastest way to unite with that Power. Is by saying:

Thank you.

For everything you have, see, feel, meet, go, eat, think.


Thank you.

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