Lost Special

We are the smartest but also the dumbest.

We human, we have privileges compare with other creatures. We’re the only one who is capable of agreeing on something and following it. We create illusions, take money for example. We put a value on that piece of paper, we agreed on the value, and we live following that agreement. Take these writings, each of the alphabets was discussed and agreed among human so we could be on the same page. Smart right? None other creatures can do this.

We are noble creatures. We are God’s best creations.

God with his super creativity creates us; we are special because we can choose, we again have the chance to decide to follow our Great Creator or to disobey him.

And what we see right now in this world? I don’t know why we human resist each other. We hate each other; we kill each other, we talk bad, we gossip, we disobey The Great Creator. I could say we are the dumbest of all. Why?

Despite our privileges, we are the one who destroys everything. And we did it for what reason? Ego.

I want to be different. I don’t want to be the same to that guy next to me. I want to be better and superior to him. I want to be promoted, and I want it alone, so I am the special one. Special one.

I think about me 90% of my days. And I do dumb things because of that.

Because I am human, I fall trap into many illusions. To be famous, to be rich, to be the smartest in the room, yes, to be the special one.

I believe I know the why. It is because we focus and only think about ourselves, so it is okay to act dumb. I believe the reason is obvious; we forget The Great Creator. Yes, that’s why. What we do, what we create, what we pursue is a gift back to our Great Creator and not for us. When we change our focus, we lose our ego. We become what we’re supposed to be: The Special One.


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