I’m a complex creature. I ask myself many questions on almost anything. I care about my future, my happiness, my success. But all seems far from reach, is this true?

I ask myself, what career should I pursue? Can I become a success? Should I get an MBA? Why I don’t feel enough with what I have? Is that why I don’t feel happy? Is that why I seek and seek more things? Such as recognition, fame, money.

Yes, I’m a complex creature.

But I believe, regardless all of those questions, we remain here and now. We live. We feel. We experience. We believe.

Isn’t that great?

The fact I’m here writing this, and you’re there reading this.

Isn’t that a miracle?

And amid all the complexities. We live on. We make a mistake, and we make a success. We fail and we pass. We sad and we smile. We broke and we rich. We mad and we calm.

All of those opposite things are always one. They are never two different things.

They are your life, and they are my life. Life is always one. Embrace it.


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