I always envy those who are easily pleased. I guess it feels great.

I think they are the happiest people.

I believe they seek less. They suffer less. They crave less.

They make peace with the now. And be open to whatever comes to their ways.

They smile sincerely. They laugh freely.

Maybe I know why I’m not one of them.

I never feel enough. I seek for promotion. I crave holidays. I strive to be better. I want to study abroad. I wish to get richer. I have dreams. I have a desire.

I occupy my “now” with futures.

But. Isn’t it normal to have dreams? To desire? To plan a better tomorrow?


Remember, those dreams will be achieved only by working now.

And the best “now” is where we are happy with what we have. Grateful for our lives. Present with every moment and easily pleased.

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