In The Now

Let me prime my mental now.


We only need to take care of the quantity, let God takes care of the quality.

There is never a mistake. No. Never.

Let’s start today’s writing.

Every external occurrence is never a reason to be happier.

I realised this by thinking about a conversation I had with my close friends.

The common misconception I notice: Many of us believe that external factors could change our internal state. It’s the other way around.

It’s not by getting married you’ll be happier. It’s by being happily single you’ll be happier when you enter the married life. Do you get me?

It’s not by living in the huge house will make you happier. It’s by being happy residing in any house that would make you feel more satisfied when moving to a larger home.

It’s not by having that clothes, iPhones, or all other stuff that would make you happier. No.

It’s by being happy with what you have now and only later when you receive something new, whatever it is, you’ll be happier.

Change you internal “now” will change your life.

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