Why am I still here?

What did I do wrong?

Why I feel I’m not progressing?

I have written few articles now. I know I don’t have any viewers or followers yet. Although I know, I write for no one else and me. But, I still dream to be a writer and have my creations inspired others.

I wish I am Ryan Holiday by now. I wish I am Derek Sivers, Tim Ferriss, Steven Pressfield. But, I’m not.

I know I want to publish books or articles that are impactful. That is to inspire anyone who reads it. Just like those names above. But, I haven’t, and I don’t know what to do.

What are the obstacles?

I know there is no shortcut. I know doing the hard thing is the right choice. Or is it?

What are the hard things?

Get an audience. Regularly writing. Go out and take actions. Identify the obstacles. Overcome it, flip it into opportunities.

What are the obstacles?

My own expectations. I don’t know what strategy to have. I don’t know how to divide my dreams into small actionable items. Into daily routines.

Maybe that is the way to fulfil my dreams. Above are the hard work I have to endure.

Let’s try again.

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