A Good Lost

To go from here to there sounds simple.

But that’s not what I experience. There is resistance, anger, fears and obstacles. Do we have to identify them before we can reach “there”?

The sentence above assumed that I know what is “there” already. Do I have to know?

Logically I believe yes, we should at least have a clear destination.

But you know what, I don’t. And I don’t know why I feel okay about this.

Most of the advice from various sources point that we have to have goals. Whether short or long. We have to have something to pursue on, so we don’t waste our effort aimlessly.

But the problem is I don’t.

I may have something that I’m excited to become or achieved. I want to be promoted to a manager. I want to publish good books. I want to start my own company.

Good. At least I have something. I do hope you all too.

But why those do not burn my spirit and motivation to take actions? Why I only dreaming of it and writing this?

Or maybe, this is the real progress? By writing this, maybe it will get me closer to that books? To my own company? And to get me promoted to manager?

I don’t know. I just hope I’m right.

I can start by believing that this is the process. I start by¬†believing I have made a tiny step towards those desired goals. It wasn’t clear, but my faith will make it clear.

So, let’s find out.

Maybe “there” is already here.

Who knows?


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