Choose Mid


Aha! That word again.

Why am I too caught up with that word? It becomes clear that I live in the future.

That word blocks me. I overthink many things. That word makes me stop doing what I supposed to be doing.

Am I not a success now? Hmm. I’m okay. But I want more. And I want more of good things to happen. I wish to inspire, to help, to be useful for me and others.

But that exact reasons made me stop. I want to skip the process. I choose the easy thing, I procrastinate, I start to feel unproductive, and all was a waste.

So, what should I do? Should I battle with those negative things and be a tough guy with discipline and all other positives, ambitious attributes?

Not for me.

I should be in the middle.

I’m not a success, but I’m not a failure either. I’m just me, and I do what I wanted to do.

Because dreaming is dreaming. Thinking about success doesn’t excite me. I prefer to have a failure mindset, at least it releases the burden and makes me do the work. But, it has a downside too, am I producing good work that is useful for others? I don’t think I have to neglect a standard in producing good quality work.

So, I choose a balance right at the middle. As many wise men said, don’t expect too much or expect nothing or something like that.

I believe it means to be neutral. And being neutral is to be right there in the middle. Where we only do what matters.

Try it.

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