The Simplest Advice: Career

There is a smart boy who always knew what he wanted since college, and he dedicates his life to pursue his passion, and he got it and became successful. That wasn’t me.

There was another boy who at first did not know what he wanted to do, then he jumped into one field and did not care about his emotions but improving his crafts and he became successful too. That still wasn’t me.

And there were the rest of us, who don’t feel happy with what we have now, with our jobs, our salary, our bonuses. The rest of us who keep wanting more and more. The rest of us who saw an example of a young man that can run a giant company. It made us small and felt bad about ourselves. Maybe, I’m in this group.

But that group wasn’t entirely a mess. That group sought to be successful too! We read career advice books, we attended career classes, believing all motivational articles and whatnot.

Until there was too much advice!

At one time we believe in following our passions until another book came telling us we have to master our craft first then only we can love our job.

And more new shiny, glamorous, better-future-ey career advice books coming soon.

My career advice in one sentence: Don’t seek career advice, just do the work.

That’s it. Reading, finding, believing career advice will make us forget what matters that is Doing the work.

If there is one thing shared with the boys on the example above, they do their work.

Wherever you are, whatever your job now is, whether you are unhappy with everything, do your work. Yes, that one in front of you.

Forget all the advice; I have to find my passion, I have to master one type of skill, these are dangerous.

It means you have not found your passion now and it also means you are not skilful enough now. How can we be happy if we feel inferior about ourselves?

But, I don’t feel like doing anything. But, the work sucks, But, But, But.

That’s alright. Find something you would love to do and do it.

The magic lies in your actions doing the work, not in your better future daydream.

Do it.

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