The Simplest Advice: Priority

You and I will die.

If you can’t internalise this, let me repeat once again:

You will, and you will surely die eventually.

Okay, eventually feels far away, we don’t get the urgency effect.

Let me rephrase once again:

You will die, and someone you dearly love will also die, we all die at any time.

Remember this at least once a day. The more, the better.

Make it real, so you can feel it and act upon it.

When you remind your mortality in the morning, you can choose what matters to you and what actions you can do that day.

When you feel your daughter, wife, husband, mom or dad is going to die. You know how you are going to approach them today.

You can feel how grateful you are with your life now.

This can be applied in every aspect of your life to bring clarity in your decisions.

And if the actual death comes, you at least have chosen the right choices for you and your beloved ones.


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