The Simplest Advice: Happy

Try this Joy of Loving-Kindness exercise from Google’s Jolly Good Fellow: Meng.

During working hours or any hours, randomly identify two people who walk past you or who are standing or sitting around you. Secretly wish for them to be happy. Just think to yourself, “I wish for this person to be happy, and I wish for that person to be happy.” That is the entire practice. Don’t do anything; don’t say anything; just think. This is entirely a thinking exercise. If you prefer, you can do this at any time of the day for any amount of time. You can also do it at any other place. If there is nobody present, you can bring someone to mind for the purpose of this exercise. If you like, you may pretend you are firing a “happiness ray gun” at them and make “pew, pew” sound effects in your head. Batteries not required.

Very very easy. There is no way you can’t do this.

By wishing others to be happy, we become happy. Simply being on the giving end of a kind thought is intrinsically rewarding.

Do this as much as you can. Wish them well. Give full attention to the feeling of joy. That feeling is the building block to make you a happier person.

Please try it, and I wish you to be happy.

*Side note. While feeling the joy of this exercise don’t stare too long at that person, or you’ll be a creep.

Try it, and I wish you to be happy.

Why am I repeating the same sentence?! Okay, I’ll do it secretly in my head next time.

Try it, and I wish you to be happy (this is inside my head).

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