The Simplest Advice: Wise

I want to be wiser.


I want my next decision to be right. I want to be calm when facing any situations. I want to share meaningful insights to others. I want to be wiser because wise people seem in control of their destiny, although not entirely true.


Pause and choose the right options in every decision. That’s how to be wise (in my opinion).

I know it’s hard.

It requires mindfulness and awareness on ourselves to choose only the better options in life. Wow.

For example, I know many bad things that can harm our body, such as smoking, drinking and more. I know taking those will be the bad options. But why I crave those things? And believing taking one or two sips are fine even I know the disadvantages.

Yes. It’s not easy but surely worth trying.

How if I stumble during the process? Don’t worry, there is always the next options, be satisfied with even the smallest progress.

Ask yourself, “How is this bad option benefits others?” Most of the time they are not.

Try it today. And when tomorrow comes, repeat the mantra, try it today and so on.

Who said it will be easy? But always believe it is worth the effort.

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