Get to know your 2018

It’s December 31, so it’s time to trot out all those New Year’s resolutions. Do those words send a chill down your spine? Do you think about the list you made last year and the year before and the year before? Do you end up recycling the usual candidates (lose-weight-stop-smoking-go-to-the-gym-work-harder)?

Or you’re the type who stopped making resolutions because you know it’s bullshit and you’ll live aimlessly letting the wind blows you to any directions?

I decided to have it. Why?

Because there are things, I lack in 2017. So, why not trying to improve on that?

How do I found those things?

By failing things. What I mean by failing is not a failure as a result of me trying things. But its the act of not trying what I want. By wasting time doing something else because whatever reasons I’m afraid to do what I supposed to do. That’s failing.

Two things I’d like to improve in 2018.

First is a commitment to taking actions and finishing things.

Second is doing what I say or promise.

My goal here is to brainwash you. I believe everyone has the desire to improve their lives. And although every day can be a new day to change. Why not use this opportunity to plan your life. Shape it the way you want it.

Taking actions is how change occurs. But action must be fueled by motivation. And motivation came from believing in yourself. The question is what to believe if you don’t know your destination?

Jot down all your dreams for 2018. Be detailed about what you want. Because even if you fail at executing it, at least you get a more unobstructed view of yourself. You can continuously refine those dreams. Until one day, one day you decide to take action and live your dreams.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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