The Good Worry

One monster that often beats me: worry.

We worry too much, aren’t we? And usually, it’s about something we know to be stupid that ends up killing us.

We worry about looking bad and being unliked. We worry about our own capabilities. We worry about not having enough resources to start, or to continue or to try again.

Those worries stop us from working towards what we desire. We end up going in the reverse direction from where we wanted to be.

That’s because we crave pleasure in everything we do. If what we do is hard and require much effort, we stop and find something more interesting. Nowadays, distracting ourselves is super easy. 

We choose the least resistance path, we cut corners, we take shortcuts for the sake of enjoyment. This is dangerous. We think: If there is an effort in doing things, meaning we’re not skilfull. Those masters do it effortlessly. Wrong.

Then we’ll worry about becoming a failure in life. Still the same pleasure cravers, we seek it through different paths. Drinks? Drugs? What else? Whatever pleasures we can feel now. So we won’t worry about being a loser. So that we can love ourselves.

There is no hack in achieving our dreams. And working hard for our purposes is a recipe for a fulfilled life.

Use your worries to move you forward. Use it as fuel by changing your perception.

In whatever you’re doing:

Don’t worry about appearing sentimental. Worry about being unavailable; worry about being absent or fraudulent. Risk being unliked. Tell the truth as you understand it. Risk failures. Worry about not trying again. Worry about not working on your dreams.

Whenever you start worrying, pause, honestly decide whether it’s useful and keeping you in the right direction. If not, reverse your mindset. Usually, the thing you’re afraid of is the exact thing you need to overcome. Turn it to your benefit. Use the good worry as a cue to work harder. 

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