Creature of nature

People are all born with a love of learning.

I have a six-month-old baby. I track her growth and all of her newly acquired abilities, see here. She is weak, but every day she’s learning like there is no tomorrow. She doesn’t get bored of learning, she falls and tries again.

We are a creature of curiosity. We naturally are always a learner.

As we reach teenagers age, we started to corrupt that natural love of learning. Many aspects contribute to this. Mainly our environments. We began to judge ourselves by outside comments and validations. We were afraid of asking the thing we don’t understand. We changed and put safety and reputation on the front cover. We became a conformist and fake.

Being far away from nature is dangerous. We’ll get lost. We start by believing that we are a fixed creature. We believe that we can do certain things but not other things. We believe that we’re not good with numbers. We’re not tech savvy, not a sporty type, not this type or that type. We became rigid; we became lazy, easily bored and we often give up. We became so sure of who we are and what can make us happy or sad.

Why is this bad?

If you’re fixed, then it’s easy to bring you down. Everyone would use your weakness to take you down. But, the worst part is when there is an external factor happening to you, and you think that you can’t handle it because you believe it’s not you so you just can’t. Then?

Don’t go against nature. Cultivate on what is natural. We were this weak, but curious with an immense interest in learning creature. Follow it. Because once we go against nature while living in this nature, we better be dead, where else would we live?

So get back here.

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