The low point

I hit the wall with my writing. After a 16 days streak, the excitement has gone. My writing feels dull and has no emotion in it. I don’t know what happened.

At the start of this month, ideas flow smoothly. It came up, and I wrote it down. I took notes and use that notes to write something new. Sometimes I use others’ ideas to start. After maybe the ten days, although I ideas still pops up, the writing feels different. The words don’t connect. The structure was off, and the overall article was far from decent.

I reached my low points in writing. Now, I want to surrender. I don’t see my writing any good. I feel bad.

What should I do? Should I continue? Will this change if I stay? Will it be better? Useful perhaps?

I remember one takeaway from a book: the actual writing itself is more important than the content. That action is key. The workmanship is more important than the work.

The low point is common for all type of artists. How they see, and act is what differs masters from amateurs. Masters face the same enemy, but instead of stopping, they hold and use the obstacle to work harder. They see the bigger picture. They can ignore unnecessary feelings and focus on the thing that matter. What matters is working. They know once they have passed the low point, it will only get better. They even anticipate the low point in advance. They see it as something useful. Yes. They enjoy being there. That’s the differences.

I’m trying to be one of them.

I’m keeping this work.


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