Life’s Task

We are all born unique. It’s marked genetically in our DNA. Mine is only mine. Yours is only yours. It’s a one-time phenomenon, never occurred before nor will it ever be repeated.

And it is our Life’s Task to grow that uniqueness with our limited time. I believe I’ve found mine. It feels magnificent to know although I may not take actions.

That’s the problem. Sometimes we feel like pursuing thing we always wanted. But, “feel like pursuing” equals nothing. Without actions, that feeling will slowly vanish. And we’ll again scan, distracted to find what is it we want.

During few years of my corporate life. I always think about leaving. I don’t know what I want; My mind was always somewhere else. Somewhere better, somewhere cooler, somewhere where I was rich or famous or both. Thank god I didn’t leave. It turns out before we can pursue our unique Life’s Task, we need the basics covered. I need my health to be fit. I need money to live. I need great relationships with family and friends. Only when those are met, I can pursue this task.

Only recently I was drawn to expressing myself in writing. It feels true to me, and I maintain this force or whatever that makes me move. This is how I show my uniqueness: setting time to write, then the actual writing, then release it out exposing myself. Trust me, the last part, the exposing it to the world is not a good feeling. I’m still a captive to the opinion of others. Because of that, I know exposing myself is essential for me.

Overall, knowing what I want and actually doing it is the best feeling. I become happier. Strangely, my time in the corporate life I used to hate become better too. I work harder, better and happier (did I say happier before?).

I believe that seed of uniqueness in each of us wants to grow. Our job is to make it flower.

This is what Leo said on his deathbed:

“Just as a well-filled day brings blessed sleep, so a well-employed life brings a blessed death” -Leonardo da Vinci

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