Hold onto your i​magination

I imagine I have fascinating and useful things to say that will help people. That’s how I motivate myself to write. The reality might be quite different. I can’t see the future, so I have the option of imagining it in whatever way gives me the greatest utility. Imagining that my writing will do well and useful is highly motivating. It energises me, making me sit and repeat this action which results in me being more motivated.

At this point, no one other than those closest to me knows about this blog. There is hope in me that wanting this blog to be a boom. But even if it fails, at least I felt good now. Isn’t that good enough?

The worst-case scenario is that I will spend a lot of time writing here that no one will find useful or entertaining. I’m ready for that. But since I can imagine many good things to happen, I imagine that what I write will be enjoyed by millions. No matter what reality delivers in the future, my imagined version of the future has great usefulness today.

We can imagine whatever we want. And it affects our life, for me, the impact is positive. Thinking about a holiday in Bali with my family makes me happier this second. Imagination is super powerful.

Everything starts with imagination. I guess so. Right?

So I think it’s good to aim high. If you imagined something over and over again and did not take action, I am super sure you would feel less about yourself. I guarantee you’ll start at some point. And slowly that something far will be within your reach. Your job is never to let go of your imagination. Let time plays the magic.

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