It’s not life quality that makes you happy

We all want our life quality to improve. Is there anybody out there who doesn’t want a pay raise? New house? Shoes? Or anything they loved. We thought it would make us nicer, happier, whatever. I’m sorry, It won’t.

My life quality is superb, thank God. I live in a massive house with maids, security guards, drivers; you name it. If I want something to eat, I just ask. If I want to go somewhere, I just ask. If I want to change internet provider, I just ask. Our house located few minutes from where I work. Regarding overall life quality, I’m in top 10% of all Indonesian, maybe.

And if you think you’d be happy if you lived my life, I say probably not always. Not because of the life quality itself, but seeing it as an indicator of happiness is wrong. Irrelevant.

Think about this: A person who is worth two billion will feel sad if he suddenly loses one billion because he’s moving in the wrong direction, even if the change has no impact on his ability to buy what he wants. But a street person will celebrate discovering a new dumpster behind an upscale restaurant because it means good eating ahead. We tend to feel happy when things are moving in the right direction and unhappy when things are trending badly.

The truth of our happiness in life has little to do with its quality. I feel happier if I write every day, not if I have the most advanced laptop to write. Because slow and steady improvement at anything makes me feel that I’m on the right track. The feeling of progress makes me happy.

It’s strange. If I work hard towards what I want, my energy increases, and I feel happier but resting and do nothing drains it, and make me feel I don’t know, just isn’t happy.

There is a pattern to hack our happiness. If there is the word hard, do it. If there is the word pleasure, don’t do it. In simple, choose the harder options.

Next time you think something is hard, you know it’s the right approach to a happier you.

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