Moral responsibility

I have many flaws.

One of them is that I’m not fully present when people are talking to me. I’m more interested in making a good impression than in listening to the other people in depth. Sorry.

Sometimes I don’t listen at all. I only care with how I will look better, smarter, kinder, better, er er er. Like in a meeting, I would spend more time thinking about how to impress others than contributing to solving the problems. Although most meetings are useless anyway. I won’t go there now.

I’m writing this because it’s a valuable thing to identify our own flaws.

Only when we know our flaws we can develop strategies to do better. I can think, “Okay, tomorrow I will approach people differently, I will pause more before people.”

I will try to put care above prestige. I will choose the higher thing above the lower thing.

Remember: we all have a moral responsibility to be more moral every day. And we will struggle to get an inch ahead each day.

As David Brooks said: “Character is built in the struggle against our own weaknesses.”

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