The Islamic Original Sin

There are differences in the story of the “fall of man” or the “original sin” in the Islamic view. These are three I learned:

God had decided to send humans to lead the world before God created Adam and Eve

Before Adam was created, God had delivered his plan to the angels that he would create beings (humans) to become caliphs or leader on earth. Therefore, whether or not he tasted the fruit of the forbidden tree, in the end, he would definitely be ordered to leave heaven and come to earth to become its leader. The Quran does not use the word “expelled from heaven”. Because God knew it beforehand?

It did not start with Eve

Tempted by Satan or the serpent’s tricks, Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of the forbidden tree. Time and time again, The Quran emphasised that the devil’s seduction was on Adam and his partner, and they both tasted it. This means that mistakes are made by both of them. It is wrong to consider women as the leading cause of that original sin.

We did not inherit Adam’s sins

The Quran informs that Adam expressed remorse to God, and God accepted Adam and Eve’s repentance. That implies God’s will to forgive their mistakes, and God accepts their requests by removing their sins. This means that Adam and Eve’s sins have been forgiven by God. Thus Islam does not know the sin inherited from Adam’s. Not only because God has forgiven that sin, but also because in principle, God affirms that someone will not bear the sins committed by others, whoever that person is (Qur’an 53:38). This is one of the very fundamental differences between Islamic views and Christian views.

The Ultimate Question

You can ask: if from the beginning, God wants humans (Adam and Eve) to be on earth, then why Adam had to stop-over in heaven? One of the answers is to give them lessons about the tasks they will carry on earth, the challenges, and minimum targets they should achieve. On earth, they should strive to create a heaven-like situation like the availability of food, clothing, and shelter. Also, to establish security and peace. That heavenly experience encouraged them to fight their way back there.
Furthermore, it teaches that we shared the same enemy that is the devil. Following the devil’s temptation will have a negative impact. Thus human must be vigilant of the seduction of the devil while on this earth.

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