A lesson from our daughter

Me, my wife, and our baby were in the living room when our baby took one of her shoes from near the door and approached us back. What another mess would she make, I thought, well, my wife would felt the same too. 🙂 It surprised both of us when she suddenly grabbed tissues from the low desk and cleaned her shoe.

Yesterday morning. Our daughter woke up and started coughing. It continued until she let the slime out of her mouth into the floor. I took her to the toilet in case she would retch more. Our baby took the rolling tissues beside our toilet seat, walked outside to wipe her phlegm on the floor.

That moment amazed me like no other.

Aleia is not even two and doesn’t understand responsibility. And she knew I was there to help her, but she did it anyway. She saw a problem and fixed it.

By fixing a problem arises in our vision, better problems will emerge, thus shaping you into a better person.

When we don’t act on the problem we see, we miss the opportunities to improve.

If you see a tissue on the floor and it bothers you, but you don’t do anything about it, your problems stay the same, even worse, the more you ignore it, it won’t be a problem anymore. You will have lower and worse problems than the ones you ignored. You are going backward.

See a problem. Fix it. See a problem. Fix it.

Thanks, baby, another lesson for me.

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