Updated on: 7th January 2018

I’m volunteering for Cal Newport‘s experiment called “Digital Declutter”. Here’s an excerpt from Cal about it:

The high-level idea for the experiment is to take a break from optional digital technologies throughout January.

During this break, you’ll confront life directly, without the dulling mediation of a screen, allowing you to rediscover which activities and behaviors really provide value in your life, and which are mindless distraction.

In general, the most important thing is to fix some set of rules for the digital declutter that make sense to you. Then do your best to follow these rules, while simultaneously going easy on yourself when the inevitable backslide or exception emerges.

Then why am I updating this blog? Because I discover this activity provides value. Since I infrequently use my phone for entertainment, I do more writing and more reading.

I still use my phone, for calling and chat via WhatsApp. But trying to limit the usage. I disabled everything else (emails, browser and social media).

Few other things I do now:

  • Taking care of my baby Aleia.
  • Coaching soccer for kids on Sunday.
  • Studying (well, not so diligently) for EnCE certification.
  • Studying fundamental computer security (SANS GSEC certification)
  • Preparing and researching materials for my book!